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Our brain craves avocado!
A health and wellness professional recently spoke and said our brains crave avocado.
What kind of real estate broker are you?
Qualities of a real estate broker. Who am I?
Check- In 09/21/2021
Mike Brown provides a check-in on his #WealthyBody journey with Justin Feldman!
Amazing Stuff
Tapping into the subconscious!
Mikes Body Transformation Update
10/01/2021 Update
Stress & Breathing

The last several years I have noticed that my overall body was beginning to wear a little bit. I did some research and discovered that our hormones and overall lifestyle towards stress can be inhibitors of weight loss and lack of energy. So, I have hired a life coach. His name Is Justin Feldman and he has started the Wealthy Body program. Feel free to keep up with my stats and journey here on this blog.

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Starting weight: 268.2

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