Closing in Calhoun

Many years have passed since I’ve traveled to the western half of Kentucky. However, yesterday I hit the highway with my broker, Mike Brown, and we headed south and west to close on a property that we had recently sold to the county attorney of Calhoun, Kentucky.

 We had a beautiful spring day to travel…sunny and 73 degrees. The majority of the trip was spent on the interstate and the Western Kentucky Parkway but as we go closer to our destination, we moved off the beaten path onto the backroads of Kentucky. I should say that this is due to our inability to navigate without GPS. Had we simply asked directions from the folks we were meeting with, the last 25+ miles would have been much more direct, albeit much less scenic.

 I’ve forgotten how much beauty is to be seen in Kentucky until we got onto the backroads. In addition to all the colors of spring with trees in bloom, we passed the magnificence of field upon field of Goldenrod (Kentucky’s state flower for those of you who did not learn this in school). This roused our curiosity about why Goldenrod as a crop. When I returned home, I asked my husband - who knows just enough about everything to be dangerous – who promptly Googled the uses of Goldenrod and found that it is used as an essential oil. He went on to tell me, however, that Goldenrod does not come into bloom until late summer. Hmmmnnnnn…This revelation led me to ask my mother – who does, indeed, know everything – and she said that the yellow flowers that we saw are most likely Canola. After a little more Googling, I determined that the Canola flower does not look like what we saw, so the question remains – What are the abundant yellow flowers that we saw?

After meeting some very nice people at First State Bank in Calhoun, we stopped for a late lunch at the iconic Moonlite Bar-B-Q Inn. We sampled pretty much everything on the buffet and went back for dessert. We rolled out of there and headed back to the highway for our drive back to Louisville.

 While the travel time took most of our day, I thoroughly enjoyed the drive, the sights, and the company of Mike!

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