Coronavirus Ideas to do at home!
Spending time with our loved ones in our immediate family can be a great time during this conronavirus.
Showing a Home during coronavirus
Showing a Home during coronavirus can be challenging but we found ways to be creative.
What kind of real estate broker are you?
Qualities of a real estate broker. Who am I?
Our brain craves avocado!
A health and wellness professional recently spoke and said our brains crave avocado.
Helpful hints on selling
Sell your home helpful hints
All about our agents
Mike Brown shares how important our agents are to the company.
WW Cousins opens drive through
We went through the drive through at WW Cousins as we wanted to support our locals for lunch during this coronavirus pandemic! John and Chad do a great job at providing great food at WW Cousins!
Our Story
I need 1 minute of your time!
Check- In 09/21/2021
Mike Brown provides a check-in on his #WealthyBody journey with Justin Feldman!
Amazing Stuff
Tapping into the subconscious!
Mikes Body Transformation Update
10/01/2021 Update
Stress & Breathing
Seller Helpful Tips Part 1
Mike Brown shares some secrets to selling your home.
Seller Helpful Tips Part 2
Mike Brown continues to share some additional tips to selling your home.
Seller Helpful Tips Part 3
Mike brown finishes off with a few ideas on when a seller shows the home to a potential buyer.
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